I've spent my 20-year career addressing critical business challenges and answering questions like:

  • How can we increase revenues for our business? 

  • How can we win against our competition?

  • How can we grow faster and be more profitable?

  • How do we attract more customers?

  • How can we win the hearts and minds of our consumers?

That's how I know I can help you with your business.

What business challenge can you use some help solving? Let's find out.


  Some of the work I've done as a consultant includes: 

  • Working with an executive-search firm to develop a differentiated positioning, an innovative pricing model, and a framework for growth;

  • Helping a mid-sized international consumer packed goods company understand the eCommerce landscape and identify specific opportunities to increase revenues;

  • Advising a multi-unit retailer on omnichannel best practices to help evolve their brand positioning and drive growth;


  • Establishing the optimal target audience and positioning for a robo-advisor start-up;

  • Serving as a strategic advisor to a dot-com startup in the sharing-economy space.


People who've worked with me say...

Dennis Gorya

"David is an incredibly learned individual who has the rare talent of being able to connect and communicate effectively with people. He advised me on a few specific business challenges I faced, and I was impressed not only with how quickly he was able to identify the core of what my team needed to address, but also with the specific recommendations he offered that considered both the short and long-term impacts to my business. Any organization looking to address their business challenges head-on and achieve significant growth should connect with David."

Dennis Gorya, President, Tidal

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