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A Big F.U. to '22

Last year I wrote a simple poem

to bid the year farewell;

I hoped that 2022

would turn out really swell.

I fear I might have jinxed it, though...

this past year was a bust!

continued loss of trust.

Big companies got big things wrong

it was not good at all.

Beloved figures passed away,

a few you might have seen:

We're still not done with COVID?!?

Heck, we're entering year four!

We've managed to get by so far

but don't know what's in store...

Of course, not everything was bad,

not everything did sting...

we got to see the Olympics

(His view: "We must stop climate change...

protect the Earth, we must!)

Messi, after eighteen years, he

The lesson here is clear for all,

it's simple: don't give up!

And that, I think, is what will be

my theme for '23.

This past year wasn't wonderful,

but next year's up to me.

I can't control the job market

or interest rates, that's true.

But I can focus on my goals,

so that's just what I'll do.

I'll take better care of myself

so I can stay alive.

I'll treasure every moment with

my kids and watch them thrive.

I won't let social media

suck up all my free time.

I'll bring some new projects to life...

and some may even rhyme!

I'll continue to find the space

to write, learn, and create.

I'll keep on meeting people who

inspire and educate.

And on the topic of great folks,

I've one last thing to say...

I wish you well for '23,

and hope things go your way!


P.S. Just for fun (okay, fine, in an effort to avoid the hours I spent writing the poem you just read), I asked ChatGPT to "Write a limerick about 2023", and here's what it came up with:

In twenty-three,

the world will end,

And we'll all be gone.

But if you're looking for fun,

You should stay alive!

Artificial Intelligence may one day evolve to a point where it can match (or perhaps even surpass) human creativity...

... ... but it's safe to say "today" is not that day.


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