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A little bit easier...

Returning your shopping cart to the parking lot corral instead of leaving it next to your car.

Agreeing to connect with a new graduate who asks you for career advice.

Using a paper napkin to tidy up a messy condiment area at your local coffee shop while you wait for your beverage to be ready, especially if you were the one who inadvertently made the mess.

Giving up your seat on public transit to someone who looks like they need to sit down.

Making sure your dirty towels and linens are all gathered in one place and your garbage is in the trash can before you leave your hotel room.

You're not obligated to do any of these things.

There's no law that requires kindness or compassion.

But none of these tasks require much effort for you to accomplish.

And all of them will make somebody else's life just a little bit easier.

So... why not?