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ADdicted: Scotties will Stay

After decades in the Great White North, Kleenex is leaving Canada.

Citing "unique complexities" with the Canadian business, which I interpret to mean, "we have constraints on our production capacity and have determined can make much more money by selling whatever product we're able to produce in Canada elsewhere, the proprietary eponym is being discontinued. Gone. Bye-Bye. Sayonara. Vámonos!

You know who's decided to stay?

Scotties, of course.

A white dog sitting beside a box of Scotties tissues.

With Kleenex exiting the Canadian market, the Kruger-owned "Scotties" brand will undoubtedly benefit a lot.

But, as Canadian consumers continue to look for ways to stretch their household budgets in an inflationary environment, it's likely that less-expensive Private Label brands will benefit even more. (My household, with four kids constantly bringing home the sniffles, alternates between Scotties and Costco's Kirkland Signature, usually buying whatever's on sale in bulk.)

So Kruger is smart to invest in great marketing like this adorable ad because having a strong brand is a great way to compete with Private Label brands that are mostly about price.

As for the ad itself, for which credit goes to Derek Blais and Christina Yu at Lifelong Crush, (one of Kruger's trusted agency partners):

Easy to understand? Check.

Timely and relevant, executed as soon as the Kleenex decision made the news? Check.

Witty headline? Check.

Making full use of "Scottie", the brand's adorable canine mascot? Check!!

It doesn't usually get much better than that.


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