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We know we should get up to exercise regularly, but our beds can be so warm and cozy.

We know we should order salad, but the steak frites on the menu look so good.

We know we should read more, but there's so much great content on Netflix.

We know we should limit our screen time, but our screens are so much fun!

The list goes on.

We usually know which choices are best for us, we just don't always make them.

Apparently, there's a word for that.

Akrasia is an ancient Greek word that means, "a lack of self-control or the state of acting against one's better judgment."

Why don't we always make the best choices for ourselves? There are lots of reasons. A lack of will power. An often overwhelming preference for immediate pleasure, even at the expense of a greater future benefit. Sometimes, sheer laziness.

But just imagine what we might collectively achieve if we were all a little bit less akractic.