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Giving Thanks

If you visited the Google homepage to conduct a search yesterday (rather than use your browser's search bar like I suspect you usually would), you might have seen the "Google Doodle" above, where "Chef e" is busy preparing meals.

It's the latest Doodle in a series of "thank you" doodles Google's been running since April 6th to honour those on the front-lines of the COVID-19 crisis. (You can see them all here.)

Clicking the Doodle would take you to a search page with "thank you coronavirus helpers" pre-populated into the search bar and a Doodle collage immediately below:

Note that the phrase "thank you coronavirus helpers" yields 10.3 million results.

Google isn't going to make any money from thanking all those coronavirus helpers with their Doodle. But they might make a front-line worker feel appreciated after another long day. And they might make a few people smile. There's an immeasurable ROI to doing both. It just takes a company with the ability to see beyond the next quarter to realize it. Can you ever say "thank you" too often to the people who work to help you every day? Probably not. But it's worth a try. - dp

PS. If you had looked at the very bottom of the famously sparse search page yesterday, you might have noticed a simple button that read, "To all food service workers, thank you." Clicking that link took you to the inspiring "Where there's help, there's hope" video I encourage you to watch below.


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