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text-talk with Mark Morra, high-school teacher & parent


* an interview conducted completed via text message... so excuse all typos *

For this week's text-talk, I spoke with my friend Mark Morra, a high school teacher and father of two, who has some great suggestions on what to do with the kids while they're quarantined at home, how technology can be effectively utilized in the classroom, and more. (If you're a parent, you'll love this text-talk!)

Bonus: Mark provided some tools that parents can use to help make the time away from school productive and fun... they're at the bottom of this interview.

During the interview, Mark recommended creating a schedule for your kids to follow over the March Break; he provided a sample schedule for me to share, below...

... but asked that I include the following reminder to go along with it: "these are only suggestions and not meant to be concrete. Plans will change most of the time. But there is lots of good things to draw from. When making a schedule, let the kids pick the fun activities from an activity bank, maybe even meal options."

Mark also provided two websites filled with activities that parents with young children are sure to love:

Good luck, and have fun!

Until next week.

- dp


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