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The Best of 2022: Top 10 ADdicted Ads

It's about that time of year...

You know, when "Best Of" lists start to show up in place of original content that can be saved for after the holiday when people start paying attention to their inboxes again.*

And in that spirit, I thought I'd use this space to "box up" my most popular ADdicted features of 2022 as judged by the all-knowing, all-powerful entity that is Google Analytics.**

If you click the hyperlinked title of each spot, you'll be taken to the original post where you can read my commentary on each spot.

But if you just want to watch the spot, just hit that "play" button.

And without further adieu, here are the most-watched ADdicted spots from the past year...


A good ad grabs your attention. A great ad influences your behaviour. This is a great ad, which is probably why it showed up as the 10th most-watched ADdicted spot of 2022.


Shopify worked with Ryan Reynold's "Maximum Effort" creative agency to repurpose an old AOL catchphrase (and spokesperson)... and the result will make you laugh out loud.


I didn't know who Nick Cannon was before watching this spot, but you don't need to know Nick to appreciate the Father's Day humour.


Most companies aren't great at integrating themselves into pop culture. But this ad worked!


Amazon's 2022 Holiday Ad, directed by Taika Waititi, most certainly does not disappoint.


Iconic toy retailer Toys R Us finally brings back the magic we all remember the retailer used to have when we were kids with this incredible ad.


"Alexa, come up with a hilarious, celebrity-filled Super Bowl spot showcasing all the cool things you can do..." Done!


I didn't personally love this QR-driven ad, but I'd like to think it was my comprehensive write-up on whether it was effective or not drove this to be the #3 most-watched spot.


It's almost inevitable that John Lewis will make a disappointing holiday ad one of these years... but 2022 was certainly not that year. This ad is a different sort of "holiday spot", but it's incredible (and important) nonetheless.


Some might argue this Optus ad that ran in 2015 shouldn't be eligible to be the best ADdicted feature of 2022. Why, the star of the ad -- comedian Ricky Gervais -- might himself call the decision "complete bollocks". But since I featured the ad on my blog in 2022, and since my blog's visitors visited the page (many, many times) in 2022, I'm going to count it... perhaps for no other reason than to show how a great ad can stand the test of time.

And there you have it: the most-watched ADdicted ads from 2022!

Okay, fine...

Technically, there was one ADdicted post that beat the Optus ad in terms of the number of views: it was ADdicted: Super Bowl 2022 Edition, my annual list of my winners and losers from all the Super Bowl ads that aired before the Big Game.

But since that ADdicted entry contains multiple ads (including one appearing on this Top 10 list), I didn't think it should count... and so I didn't count it. (Blog-owner's prerogative!)

Still, if you love great ads as much as I do, it's worth a revisit.


* For the record, it took me much, much longer to pull this post together than an average write-up usually takes me... so I hope you appreciate the effort and enjoy the spots.

** To be more specific, I'm highlighting the top ten "ADdicted" posts that people visited the most over the past year as reported by my Google Analytics dashboard. So really, Google Analytics wasn't the judge... you were! (Google just recorded your collective page visits.)


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