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What Would You Like To See?

As it turns out, your life might actually flash before your eyes right before you die.

Earlier this year, CTV published an article that described an unusual situation.

A man was brought to a hospital after suffering a serious fall that injured his head. The doctors tried to help this man, but he died as they were carrying out an electroencephalography (EEG), a test that tracks electrical signals in the brain.

What's so unusual about this situation is that it gave researchers the opportunity to look at what happens inside a brain before, during, and immediately after death. This isn't data you can plan to acquire under normal circumstances because there's no ethical and legal way to plan for someone to die in the middle of an EEG. But in this case, it just happened that way.

Now here's the interesting part: when those EEG readings were later analyzed, the researchers saw patterns of rhythmic brain activity change "in the alpha, gamma, delta, theta and beta waves in the moments leading up to and after death". In healthy brains, "alpha and gamma brain wave interactions are associated with cognitive processes like dreaming, meditation, information processing and memory recall."

In other words, according to the researchers, activity in that area of the brain moments before you die might support the idea we've seen in movies time and time again: key memories from your life might flash before your eyes right in your final moments.

Sadly, there's no getting around it... we're all going to die eventually.

But right before we go, if those researchers are correct, we'll get to watch a short film.

You've already started making your film, and you don't get to change how it begins.

But there's still lots of time for you to decide how it ends.

In those final moments, what would you like to see?

And what will you do today, and every day after, to ensure you're happy with the final story?


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