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"What would you recommend?"

As I write this, I'm admiring the brand-new Blue Yeti microphone sitting on my desk right now. It's the same model pictured above... it's gorgeous, right?

But I didn't buy it for decoration. After my online teaching set-back last week, I decided to invest in some additional equipment to enable a better learning experience for my class. Since I had read that using a laptop's built-in microphone isn't ideal for sound quality during meetings, and because I have 11 weeks of Zoom-teaching left, I felt spending some money on a high-quality USB microphone would help make things better.

I cared enough to spend the money, but not enough to spend countless hours of my finite free time researching the best microphone I could buy. After all, I was buying a microphone, not a car; if I didn't like my purchase, I knew it'd be fairly easy to exchange it for something else.

So how did I decide what to purchase?

I asked my friends.

To be more specific, I posted a note on my personal Facebook page asking for microphone recommendations and tagged a few friends who I knew would have had experience using microphones for both meetings and podcasts.

It was an effective approach: I had a shortlist within an hour, and the Blue Yeti easily came out on top.

After I spent a few minutes to confirm it would be compatible with my laptop, I clicked the "Buy Now" button on Amazon, and three days later, a shiny Blue Yeti was sitting on my desk.