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The Most Searched

The most searched _____________ .

We can expect a lot of "2023 in Review" content over the next few weeks...

... but nobody does it better than Google.

The company's #YearInSearch videos have consistently been the recap videos I've enjoyed watching most over the past few years, and the one they released this week is no exception.

This year's video is a little different from the last few you've seen, though...

To celebrate Google's 25th anniversary, instead of just looking at the past year, the search giant decided to show us the "most searched" topics of the past quarter century.

This matters because we search for the things we want to know more about.

The things we care about.

And seeing what we collectively cared most about isn't just informative...

... it's also inspiring.

(Watch the video, you'll see what I mean.)

I think the world could use as much inspiration as it can get right now, don't you?

Search on.


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