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ADdicted: Are you Stupid?

Oatly wants to know if you're stupid.

The "oat drink" company is upset with Amendment 171, which the European Union is looking to incorporate into the law. Oatly believes the proposed restrictions on labelling and packaging of plant-based foods are ridiculous, biased in favour of the milk industry, and serve to not only, "hide information from consumers, but also hinder innovation and the emerging sustainable food sector."

In an effort to get people to sign a petition calling for the EU to reject amendment 171, they've set up an entire website to explain why the new rules aren't required.

It's absolutely hilarious.

But it's also incredibly logical and extremely effective in making its point.

The website even features a brief "Are you stupid?" test where respondents can check to see if they might actually require the new regulations.

And if you should get one of the questions wrong -- even if you do so on purpose, just to see what happens -- don't worry: Oatly won't call you stupid.

Not in so many words, anyway...

If you'd like to skip the website and sign the petition, you can do so here.

But do yourself a favour: don't skip the website.


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