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Yesterday morning, my eldest son woke me up 90 minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off.

"Daddy," he said in a loud whisper, "Khali pooed on the floor."

Khali is our dog.

And having to clean up after her was literally a sh*tty way to start my day.

But we had a fun day planned with my family, and I decided I didn't want to spend it in a bad mood. So I cleaned up Khali's mess, got dressed, made myself a coffee... then took a few moments to enjoy it and hit "reset" on my day.

It worked. And the rest of the day was a lot of fun.

You're going to have rough mornings sometimes. That's inevitable.

When you do, you can let your bad morning turn into a bad day.

Or you can find your own way to press "reset" and start over.

Option two is always better.

- dp


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