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96 Hours

What would you do with 96 hours all to yourself? My wife has decided to take our four children on a camping trip this coming Sunday. She knows me much better than to ask if I want to spend four days roughing it -- I most certainly do not, as the "great outdoors" is just not my thing -- but for the past few summers, she's taken our kids on an adventure all on her own, and this summer, she wants the adventure to be a camping trip. As a result, I'll have four free days to myself beginning on Sunday, with no obligations other than to care for our dog and teach my final MBA class of the term on Monday evening. My lazy-self wants to use those four days to sit on my couch and binge-watch Netflix, getting up only when nature screams for me to do so and when the pizza deliveries arrive. But my better-self has better intentions: I plan to spend my time writing. Not writing this newsletter, though; I hope you'll forgive my decision to take a two-issue sabbatical, which means the next newsletter you'll get from me wi