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A Match Made in Hell

Some days it isn't easy to come up with interesting, engaging, and instructive content to share with you.

And some days Ryan Reynolds releases a new ad.

Okay, technically the ad was released by Maximum Effort (the agency co-owned by Reynolds) on behalf of their client,

But it's a perfect ad for a Friday. Especially a Friday in December, in what has been a very long, very challenging year...

As someone who appreciates a good laugh, there's so much I like about this spot. The idea of Satan using an app to find love is funny by itself. But the subtle jokes throughout are absolutely sublime. Did you notice that the woman's profile picture is a murder hornet? Or that the music in this spot is by Taylor Swift, and that placed next to the dumpster-fire is an abandoned "Scooter"? And, of course, there's the empty venues and stolen toilet paper...

But I also love this ad as a marketer, because it effectively delivers a singular message. The client,, is in the business of helping people find their matches. The ad certainly has some fun with the idea that there's someone out there for everyone -- even Satan! -- but that message gets delivered loud and clear. And if 2020 has been a bad year for you, romantically speaking, it's a message that will likely hit home.

This ad was released on December 2nd. And then, just as people were beginning to discover and applaud this spot, a "behind the scenes" follow-up was released the next day:

The follow-up is delivered as a parody of your typical matchmaking ad, but it employs the same type of humour and the same, "I found the perfect match for me on" message.

Could these two spots be the beginning of a lengthy campaign?

Here's hoping.

- dp


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