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ADdicted: Getting Smarter

There's just something about a good self-deprecating celebrity ad.

Like this new spot from smartwater, starring SNL cast member Pete Davidson.*

If you have multiple tattoos and no sense of humour, you might be offended by the idea that your personal works of art might represent "questionable choices" and "bad decisions".

If not, this is a cheeky spot that will probably make you smile.

* For context, Davidson reportedly has over 100 tattoos ("including a giant unicorn, Hillary Clinton’s face, a “Game of Thrones” direwolf and multiple Harry Potter-themed designs"), but has said he plans to remove all of them to pursue an acting career; he figures removing the tattoos will be easier than spending "3-4 hours in the makeup chair to cover them".

But you don't need the context to enjoy the ad.


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