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ADdicted: John Lewis 2022 Holiday Ad

It's only November 10th, but the Holiday 2022 season is officially here!

I can say this with confidence because John Lewis released its 2022 Holiday Ad today, and for marketers who love advertising, that's effectively the start of the holiday season.

"The Beginner" spot is a little bit different from the retailer's previous ads, though.

It's not even a "holiday ad" in the traditional sense, although I doubt anyone will argue it doesn't fit with the spirit of the season.

I won't ruin the surprise... just watch it.


P.S. Want to watch the excellent John Lewis Holiday ads from 2020 and 2021? I featured them in previous blog posts... just click here!

P.P.S. After I wrote and published this post, I found a great "behind the scenes" video that I wanted to share. You can watch that here.


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