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ADdicted: Naming Rights

Would you sell the naming rights to your TV-room in exchange for great pizza deals?

Little Caesars, the official pizza of the NHL, is cheekily betting that you will.

As reported by Strategy, Little Caesars is allowing Canadians to sign a hilarious naming rights contract: you agree to only refer to your favourite hockey-viewing location as the “Little Caesars NHL Hockey Room” -- and "hang a sign in the space declaring it as such" -- and in exchange, the pizza chain will provide you with "an exclusive deal on pizza every Wednesday night."

That sounds like a fair trade to me; I was getting tired of calling my office an "office" anyway.

Of course, this contract isn't exactly legally binding. We know this because, at the bottom of the naming rights contract, a statement appears that reads: "This is not a legally binding contract. It’s barely even a contract to be honest. Our lawyers are insisting we let you know. We like to think of it as a written pinky swear, which we hope you will honour, as we surely will."

But it is an excellent example of how great marketing doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

Creativity and humour go a long, long way.


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