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ADdicted: Wedding Singers need Work

A lot of people weren't able to work as a result of the COVID pandemic. But you know what devastated industry nobody has talked about until now?

You got it: wedding singers!

It's pretty difficult to meet people when you're quarantined in your house. And if you're not meeting people, you're not getting married... and have little need to hire a wedding singer.

But now that it seems COVID is finally starting to get under control, these talented vocal professionals want people to "Get Back to Love": to get out there, meet that someone special, and get married... so they can start working again!

Or as they not-so-delicately put it,

Now we don't get paid,

if no love songs are played...

We're totally screwed,

'till you start getting laid...

So can you get back to love,

so we can get back to life?

We really need you to meet that

husband or wife (or any kinda partner)...

And what's the best way to find love?, obviously!

The irony of this ad might be the fact that a dating website was actually one of the few ways that you could continue to "meet" people during a global pandemic... although, in fairness, I haven't yet read about a couple who met, began dating, and got married entirely via Zoom.

Still, I'd say we should put another one on the scoreboard for Ryan Reynold's co-owned agency Maximum Effort,* which continues to create breakthrough, buzz-worthy work for clients bold enough to invest in creativity with uncertain ROI.

And listing the names of all the wedding singers performing in the video at the end of it (and encouraging us to hire them) was a very nice touch.

Note: If the "start getting laid" lyric above didn't give you the hint, this very funny three-minute video might be best experienced while wearing headphones. Also, if after watching it you can't stop humming this catchy melody for the rest of the day, that's entirely on you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

* On a related note, the Maximum Effort website is delightfully paradoxical. I mean, check out that lazy logo for a company called MAXIMUM EFFORT! Amazing.


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