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Avoid Annoying

My nine-year-old son just made a disparaging (but very funny) remark about a grocery banner that shall remain unnamed.

My nine-year-old doesn't do our family's grocery shopping, obviously.

So I asked him, "What do you have against (banner)?"

And he said...

"They keep showing their stupid ads when I'm trying to watch the Olympics! I see them over, and over, and over... they're so annoying!!!"

Now, you could reasonably argue my nine-year-old isn't the target for a grocery store, so it's okay if he doesn't like their ad.

But his comment is still insightful because it serves as an important reminder for all of us working in marketing:

Most people think of advertising as an unwelcome interruption during something they're actually trying to watch.

So when you can find a way to convince your target viewers to pay attention to your message, and even share it with their friends?

You've achieved something truly remarkable.

And if you can't... you're just being annoying.


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