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Yesterday was the last time I will ever have a four-year-old child.

That's because Andrew, my youngest son, turns five years old today.

The last five years may as well have been five minutes. I vividly remember the day my son was born, but everything between then and now too often feels like a blur.

Today's post is a simple reminder of how quickly time passes.

Appreciate every single minute.


P.S. When Andrew was born, we sent out an email with the subject line "Introducing #BabyNumberLast", a light-hearted confirmation that my wife and I felt we had completed our family with Andrew's arrival and would be stopping at four children. Regular readers of my blog will know I rarely use absolutes like "always", "never", and "ever", but in this case, if my wife and I announce we're expecting a fifth child, somebody should alert the Vatican.


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