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Be Ready

This weekend, in an unusual turn of events, Zamboni-driver David Ayres became NHL-goalie David Ayres.

To the NHL's credit, they planned for the highly-unlikely situation where a team's goalie and backup goalie would both become too injured to finish a given game; they have a rule requiring the home team to have an emergency goalie in the building. So when both of Carolina's goalies got hurt, they were ready.

And to Ayres' credit, when the opportunity to shine presented itself, he was ready too.

It's impossible to be ready for everything in life. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be ready for those things you might reasonably expect to happen.

So update your resume, even if you love your job; be ready when a recruiter calls with your dream opportunity, or when your company decides it's time to restructure.

Go see your doctor for your annual physical.

Get a line-of-credit. (Don't use it, but be ready before you ever need one.)

Renew your CAA membership.

Think about what you would like to do when you retire, and what you might need to do today to make that happen.

Make sure your will is in order.

As Benjamin Franklin supposedly once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

You can't be ready for everything.

But be as ready as you can.

- dp


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