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Big Things

"This role is too small for you."

Last week wasn't the first time I've heard that at the end of an interview.

It's not even the first time I've heard it in 2022... and we're only in the second week of March.

But it happens. More often than I'd like, truth be told.

To be clear, I don't intentionally apply to roles I know are too junior for me.

But in the past few months -- after deciding last September that while I enjoy consulting, I'd enjoy joining a company and working with a team again more -- I've been keeping my eyes and ears open for interesting opportunities.

I don't solely define "interesting opportunities" as ones with well-known companies, or impressive titles. I certainly don't discount those ones, but for me, that's not the end goal.

The types of opportunities I get most excited about are the ones where I believe I can apply my diverse experience to overcome obstacles and drive growth while also allowing me to learn new things and expand my skill set. That would be a win-win, right?

So when I see something I think might fit that description, I apply.

Sometimes I get called for an interview.

But twice in the last two months, after pleasant and authentic conversations with people who work at the organization, the feedback has been the same: "This role is too small for you."

To their credit, they chose to interview me and learn why I applied: too many companies choose not to even schedule conversations with overqualified candidates, which is a mistake.

I suppose I should be flattered the impression I leave people who speak with me for brief periods of time is that I should be doing big things!

Sadly, my bank prefers I pay my mortgage in dollars, not positive impressions.

So I'll keep my eyes and ears open for big roles where big things need to get accomplished.

Let me know if you see or hear about any, okay?


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