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Connecting with the World

Berlin. London. Chicago. Los Angeles.

I connected with four amazing people from around the world yesterday...

... and I never left my home office.

No travel was required.

No airports or taxis or hotels.

No time away from my family.

Just four incredible conversations with really interesting people I discovered (or who discovered me) on LinkedIn and who decided to accept my virtual coffee invitation.

I know many of us despise video calls.

I'm often in that camp myself.

But on days like yesterday, I'm reminded of how lucky we are to live in a world where technology makes it so easy to discover and connect with people.

Next week, challenge yourself to schedule a virtual coffee meeting with one new person.

You get extra credit if that person lives in a different country from you. I think you may surprise yourself with how easy that is to do.

An AI Generated Image of the Earth with cities connected by giant push-pins and string.


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