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Deciding It Will Be

A heartwarming 30-second video of Academy-Award-winning actress Kate Winslet encouraging a novice reporter appeared this week, and it's worth a watch.

According to CNN, this pep talk occurred "ahead of her first interview which aired on CNN affiliate and German broadcaster ZDF."

The part I love the most is when Winslet says, "This is going to be the most amazing interview ever, and do you know why? Because we've decided it's going to be."

Because we've decided it's going to be.

That's a fantastic approach to adopt whenever you're nervous about something you need to accomplish. Just decide to be successful, and go from there.

It seems that if you need a cheerleader, Kate Winslet is someone you want around!

If you need help while you're in the middle of the ocean, that's another matter altogether...


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