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Find something even better...

A few months ago, I decided I'd like to return to the "corporate world".

Although I've been really fortunate to work with some amazing consulting clients over the past few years, and I'm really proud of everything we accomplished together, I've realized I miss a lot of things about working for a company.

Leading teams and developing people.

Setting and achieving long-term targets.

Working on global brands, or brands that aspire to be.

Learning from cross-functional and international partners.

Partnering with top agencies to create work that gets noticed and drives results.

These are things I enjoy.

Things I've proven throughout my career to be quite good at doing.

And things you don't always get to do as an independent, project-based consultant.

So for the past few months, I've had my eyes and ears open for opportunities that would make sense for me.

And last month I came across a role that not only perfectly suited my background, but also lined up *very* closely with what I wanted to do next!

I submitted my application.

And got called for an interview!

I met with the recruiter.

Then I met with the hiring manager.

I sent my follow-up notes to thank them for their time and emphasize how interested I was in the role.

I spent the last week waiting for a decision with my fingers crossed.

And yesterday I got the big news...

They decided to go with someone else.

I'm not going to lie: I'm disappointed. I know I'd have been perfect for this particular role.

But I need to follow my own advice.

You see, a few years ago I was invited to participate on a university career panel. During the Q&A that followed, a student asked:

"You've worked for some really great companies... how do you always get the roles you want?"

I burst out laughing. Then I said:

"You think I always get the roles I want? Not even close! Sure, I've had some amazing jobs, but I've been rejected for hundreds of others. I've been turned down for roles I really wanted, and roles where I was absolutely certain I was the best candidate.

But you don't get to decide if a company makes you an offer. And sometimes, they won't. Sometimes, that even works out for the best. You can't be too hard on yourself when you don't get a role, because you're definitely not going to get every job you want... that's just life. So look for the companies that align with your values, look for the roles that align with your skillset, and when something you want comes up, give it everything you have! And if, in the end, they decide to go with someone else, give yourself a day to feel bad... then go find something even better."

Things didn't work out for me this time.

It sucks, and yesterday was my day to feel bad about it.

Today, I'll be working to find something even better.

And if you're a recruiter or talent acquisition professional reading this?

Now would be a good time to send me a message. ;)


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