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Good Riddance 2020 (A Poem)

At last, that year is finally done!

That rollercoaster wasn't fun.

COVID caused us quite a ruckus,

Trying it's best to really... um... mess things up.

No need to dress, or shave, or comb...

Social-distance, please, stay home!

Wear a mask to halt your vapour!

Stock your house with... toilet paper?!?

Stores? Shut down or move online!

WFH? Okay, that's fine.

(For some, that is, who have the space.

Others need a quiet place!)

Online school was great in theory,

But it made us parents weary.

Trying to work with kids nearby,

Made you want to scream or cry.

All our meetings moved to Zoom...

Yikes, it's time to clean my room!

"Mel, your puppy sure is cute!

"Bob, I think you're still on mute."

"Grab a coffee?" Not so much.

Made it tough to stay in touch.

Of course, some found another way:

"Let's have a VirtuaLatte!"

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