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Impossible Ideas

Consider the following sentences:

They read like science fiction, right?

And if you were to share any of them with anyone not an expert in robotics, fusion energy, or medicine, you'd likely be met with extreme skepticism, if not complete ridicule.

But they're not works of fiction.

They're all actual headlines from two FutureLoop newsletters, a "daily convergence update" curated by the astonishingly impressive Peter Diamandis.

If you're reading this on my blog, you can click on any of the hyperlinked sentences above to read the articles referenced and learn more about exactly how these technologies are being actively developed and deployed... not in some distant future, but today.

The fact you might not have been aware of these ideas (or might not fully understand how they work even now that you are) doesn't mean they aren't possible.

Now let's apply that idea to the corporate world.

"A four-day workweek?!? Impossible!"

But it's not impossible, at least not according to the growing number of companies that are starting to see the human and economic benefits of a reduced week.

"Bring your kids to work?!? Absurd! How will our employees remain focused?

And yet, some companies are finding ways to do just that: the Henrico County Public Library took an especially innovative approach to this challenge, designing "a workspace attached to a play space that can be latched shut to keep small children nearby, occupied, and safe."

"Work from home? That will never work at our organization!

As it turns out, all those traditional companies that had firmly believed "work from home" just wasn't possible before 2020 simply lacked the motivation to make that particular idea work. And who knew that once the alternative became "cease all in-person operations until further notice", those very same companies would become very motivated to give it a try!

100% virtual teams.

Working from anywhere in the world.

Compensation transparency.

Going from posting a job to making an offer within two weeks... or less.

Job-Sharing, even at the most senior levels of the company.

Fully-paid, year-long parental leave.

The fact you might not have been aware of these ideas (or might not fully understand how they work even now that you are) doesn't mean they aren't possible.

Other companies are finding ways to make these radical ideas work.

And you don't want to be competing with those companies for talent.

Don't fear the destruction of your previously held views.

Fear the idea of remaining indefinitely ignorant to better ways of working.


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