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Location is Irrelevant

One of the few positive things resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic is that many employers who had previously thought working-from-home simply wasn't viable for their organizations are reconsidering their stances.

The mental shift from "we pay people to be here" to "we pay people for the work they do" is a huge leap forward.

But once a company decides they're going to pay people for the work they do and allow employees to work remotely, those companies also need to recognize that where those employees do that work is irrelevant.

To those employers who think perhaps it might be appropriate to pay remote workers less because they choose to live in lower-cost areas, let me offer you a free piece of advice.

Think again.

An employee's compensation should be determined by the value of the role and the specific value an employee brings to the company.

Where an employee chooses to live is irrelevant.

And companies that fail to understand that will fail to attract the best and brightest employees..

- dp


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