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Loophole Thinkers

Last year, I took my three oldest kids to the movie theatre to watch a film.

After the film, my children all got into the car with their leftover bags of popcorn, which led to the following:

Me: "Don't eat popcorn while I'm driving." (Because it's a choking hazard, and because it's messy.)

Kids, in unison: "Okay, Daddy."

Me, one minute later, looking into the rear-view mirror as I'm stopped at a red light and seeing my youngest daughter Charlotte munching on popcorn: "CHARLOTTE! I JUST said not to eat popcorn while I'm driving!"

Charlotte: "But we stopped."

You see, I forgot to specify that "driving" meant all the time we were in the car, not just while we were moving.

Charlotte wasn't trying to be funny. And she didn't misunderstand my direction.

She's a loophole thinker.

She saw an opportunity to get what she wanted (the popcorn) within the boundaries of the rules as stated ("don't eat popcorn while I'm driving"), and then took full advantage of the fact that I hadn't more clearly defined the rules.