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Painfully Obvious

The question itself was innocent enough.

"Is there any sort of work being done with the airlines in order to get flights actually on time or not delayed as much? Just curious if there's any work happening..."

That's what a reporter asked Deborah Flint, President and Chief Executive Officer at Greater Toronto Airports Authority in July 2023.

The CEO's reply would have been perfectly adequate...

... if it hadn't been for the cheeky camera operator who decided to focus on the flight information display system behind her: the information board showed almost twice as many flights listed as "delayed" or "cancelled" as those shown as on time.

When what you say clearly isn't consistent with what you do, it's often painfully obvious to your customers.

At that point, only one question remains:

Are you truly oblivious to how things at your company work...

... or are you just desperately trying to believe it isn't so?


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