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The Best Place to Be

Emily Hampshire, of Schitt's Creek fame, was a speaker at this year's ELEVATE Festival, and yesterday she was interviewed on stage in front of an excited crowd.

At one point during the interview, Emily was asked where, in the age of streaming, she felt the best place was to have a show.

From the way the question was asked, it seemed as though the interviewer expected Emily to say streaming is where everybody should want to be.

But Emily's actual response was insightful.

She didn't say "streaming".

And she didn't say "traditional television".

Here's what she actually said:

"The best place for a show is where the people behind the show are SO passionate about it."

She then went on to describe how, if the leadership team at the organization was enthusiastic about the project, it made everything better.

Wait... so what she's saying is that the best place to be is where everybody around you is excited about what you're doing and cheering for you to succeed?

That's not just a great way for producers to think about where their shows should be seen.

It's also a great way for employees to think about where they should work.


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