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The Value of Hired Help

Babies have taught themselves how to sleep on their own since the beginning of time.

We didn't have to teach them how to sleep, they just figured it out.


But in recent times, we've seen the rise of baby sleep consultants.

For a surprisingly reasonable fee, these experts will show you how to get your baby to sleep faster and easier than pacing back and forth with them in a dark hallway, rubbing the baby's belly until they're relaxed enough to close their eyes, feeding them a pre-bedtime snack to ensure their bellies are full, or simply letting them cry it out.

If you think the examples above are oddly specific, that's because I'm a father of four wonderful children, all of whom had to learn how to sleep.

And they all did... eventually.

But those collective weeks of sleepless nights and the excruciating effort it took to learn how to help our children fall asleep are not something my wife and I would care to repeat.*

If you're smart enough and motivated enough, you can figure anything out on your own.

You can read books written by experts, watch YouTube videos, or simply run a lot of tests.

But sometimes, hiring an expert is simply the better way forward.

Experts who have done what you need to do can help you get the job done faster, easier, and better.

Of course, hiring experts can get expensive, and sometimes the job to be done isn't complicated enough or valuable enough to justify the cost required to bring in a consultant.

But don't discount the value of getting the job done quickly and effectively...

... and the peace of mind that comes with that.

My beautiful baby Chloë, at six days old, sleeping on my arm. (Chloë is 11 years old now... where did the time go?!?)

* Why didn't my wife and I use a sleep consultant when we first became parents, you ask? They weren't as popular back then as they are now, and Chloë (our firstborn) was a relatively good sleeper after her first two weeks of fussiness. For the kids that came after Chloë, we simply figured we were parenting experts at that point who knew what we were doing...

(Narrator: "But they didn't know what they were doing. They didn't know anything at all...")


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