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The Winning Combination

"Yesterday, I lifted 185 lbs of weight 57 times in 10 minutes."

That's a true and accurate statement...

... but even with true and accurate statements, you need context before you can form a fair and reasonable opinion.

Without context, your response to me asking, "Do you think that's good?" should be, "It depends."

Okay, here's some context:

* This happened at 6am in the morning, and the last time I gave my body any fuel was at dinner the previous evening... 13 hours before.

* It wasn't 57 times consecutively, it was seven sets of eight repetitions per set... plus one extra lift at the end before time ran out.

* The lift was a Deadlift, where your legs do most of the work. Generally speaking, people's legs tend to be stronger than their arms.

* In-between each Deadlift set, I had to complete eight Pike Pushups. I also took a brief rest between the Pushups and the next Deadlift set.

* Men's Journal suggests