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Three Great Ads

My last post was a bit heavy, a bit lengthy, and involved a bit of math.

I won't make heavy, lengthy, math-filled posts a habit.

So to average things out, this post is going to be light, short, and creative.

I came across three really great advertisements this week, and so I thought I'd share them with you below with some commentary around why I like them.


- dp

1. Aviation Gin Homeschool Edition

Funny, creative, insightful, relatable... and that's just Ryan Reynolds! He lends his own (awesome) personality to each of the brands he works with, and this latest Aviation Gin ad is a terrific example of how. It's just one reason why Reynolds was named Adweek's 2020 Brand Visionary; if you want to read a very interesting transcript of his talk at this year's Brandweek Masters Live event, click here.

2. Hennessy Presents: Maurice Ashley & The Black Bear School

This inspirational Hennessy ad celebrates the world's first Black Chess Grandmaster, but it's about more than chess; it's about learning from your mistakes to become the best you can be... something that applies to us all. The well-told story ties in nicely with Hennessy's slogan: Never Stop, Never Settle.

3. Tru Earth: Things You Should Never Mix With Water

I had never heard of Tru Earth Eco-strips laundry detergent before I saw this ad... but it's exactly the type of funny, outrageous, "hey, look at me" spot that challenger brands need to get noticed.... and to get consumers to give them a try. TruEarth is clearly following the footsteps of the Dollar Shave Club, who produced a similar-style spot back in 2012; that ad helped put them on the map, and just four years later, get bought by Unilever four years later for $1 billion!


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