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Use your Data

The email subject line was enticing enough.

It read: "David, love the DC universe? Don’t miss THE SUICIDE SQUAD on the big screen!💥"

The problem?

It shouldn't have been a question.

Man of Steel. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Justice League. Wonder Woman. Aquaman.

Cineplex should KNOW with certainty that I love the DC Universe because I've seen almost every single DC film released over the past decade at a Cineplex theatre. And because I've collected Scene points on every ticket I purchased, there's a record of my film history.

The email could have been so much more personalized because of that record.

It could have played up on my fandom and challenged me to organize a watch party for the film, then write a review to encourage others to see it. It could have offered me bonus scene points in recognition of the fact that I've been such a loyal DC fan. Perhaps they could have offered a free DBOX upgrade if I brought a friend to see the film.

Cineplex had the data to know I was a DC fan.

But they did nothing with it.

If you collect data from your consumers, you need to use it.

Use it to better understand your consumer's preferences.

Use it to make offers more personal and communications more relevant.

Use it to drive consumer engagement and brand love.

Use it to drive incremental purchases.

Use your data!

Otherwise, what's the point of collecting it in the first place?


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