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When to Stay Quiet

Two days after Halloween, I walked into my home office to find a mini Twix bar on my desk.

I love Twix bars, so I was pretty happy with this surprise.

Next to the Twix bar was a post-it note that simply read: "Daddy, here's a little treat for you. I love you. Chloë."

My oldest daughter had left me one of her Halloween candies as a treat - how thoughtful!

The next day, when I walked into my home office, I found another Twix bar on my desk.


On the third day, when I walked into my home office and found another Twix bar, I went to go find Chloë.

"Chloë," I said, "thank you so much, but you don't have to keep giving me your candy."

To which Chloë replied, "You're welcome. And it's okay... I don't like Twix bars anyway."

Sometimes it's better just to shut up and smile.


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