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You Don't Succeed On Your Own

If you've achieved any significant level of success, it's almost guaranteed you haven't done it all on your own.

Adam Fantilli, the University of Michigan center who the Columbus Blue Jackets selected as the #3 pick overall in this year's NHL Draft clearly understands this.

According to The Hockey Beast, Fantilli wore a custom-made suit for the NHL Draft...

... which included all the names of the family, coaches, teachers, advisors, and others who have impacted his life and helped pave his path to the NHL.

A photo of Adam Fantilli's custom suit jacket with the names of all the people who helped him get to the 2023 NHL Draft.
Source: The Hockey Beast

Kudos to you, Adam.

Take the time to celebrate the family, friends, teachers, coaches, mentors, advisors, customers and other people in your life who have helped you succeed.

And remember to "pay it back" whenever you can by supporting others who are on their own paths to success.


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