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Add Value to Everything

I just got an Amazon delivery...

... which is no surprise, since I get multiple Amazon deliveries every week.

But as I was breaking down the box today before throwing it into my recycling bin, I noticed something new.

Printed on each of the inside flaps are cute little animal drawings that I can cut out for my kids, have them colour, and then turn into little figurines with which they can play.

As the hashtag printed on the box says, it's #morethanabox.

Even with the packaging customers would normally just throw into the recycling bin, Amazon looks for ways to add value to the consumer experience.

Do you think the fact that Amazon is unapologetically customer-obsessed and the fact that they're a $1.54 trillion company by market capitalization is a coincidence? I certainly don't.

Add consumer value to everything you do, even the things that don't seem to matter.

Because everything matters.


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