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ADdicted: Alexa the Mind-Reader

Next Sunday is the Super Bowl... which means this week, advertisers start releasing all of their Super Bowl ads to get that pre-game buzz started!

One of the first spots I've seen so far comes to us from Amazon, which has quickly become one of my favourite Super Bowl advertisers.

(Seriously, if you haven't already seen 2019's "Alexa Loses Her Voice" and 2021's "Alexa's Body", take a moment to give yourself a gift.)

Me: "Alexa, come up with a funny, celebrity-filled Super Bowl spot that showcases all the cool things you can do."

Alexa: "Okay, here is a spot called Mind-Reader, starring real-life married couple Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost..."

A laugh-out-loud ad that features Scarlett Johansson AND effectively showcases the product being advertised... what more could you ask for from a Super Bowl spot?


P.S. I know some people have mixed feelings about companies releasing their Super Bowl spots before the Big Game, but as a marketer and a Canadian, I love it!

  • As a marketer, I love companies that do this because it means they're realizing they can ultimately earn more views by giving people more time to watch and share the ad, versus betting everything that people won't be in the bathroom or on a snack run with your ad airs during the game. And I like smart companies.

  • As a Canadian, I love the early releases simply because I can't always find a way to get access to a US-stream of the game, which means I don't always get to see many of these great spots during the Big Game. I think that's a huge loss for Canadians, by the way, a position I outlined two years ago for my friends at The Message.

P.P.S. To my dpThoughts subscribers, don't worry... I'm still planning an "ADdicted: 2022 Super Bowl Edition" on Friday with a complete review of my favourite ads. I just didn't want to wait to show you this one! :)


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