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ADdicted: Apple and the power of a good story told well

Apple wants you to know it's working hard to be a good environmental citizen.

And it understands the power of storytelling.

So rather than publish a boring report that nobody but the most passionate environmentalist would care to read, Apple decided to create a video everybody would want to watch.

Not just any video, though.

It's very funny.

It stars the incomparable, Academy-Award-winning Octavia Spencer, who perfectly portrays the role of a highly skeptical Mother Earth.

It features Apple CEO Tim Cook, just in case you didn't realize how seriously Apple takes its carbon-neutral commitments.

(Cook will earn a $49 million pay package in 2023 for overseeing the $2.7 TRILLION technology giant, so it certainly says something if he took a day of his time to appear in this video, doesn't it?)

And it weaves a wonderful tale about how the Earth is deservedly frustrated with us for how we collectively abuse her... and how Apple is working hard to treat her better.

The video is over five minutes long.

But I'll bet you'll watch this highly entertaining spot to the very end.

(Apple's 85-page ESG report, on the other hand? You might not get to the end of that.)

When you're done watching the video, you'll know about all the things Apple is doing to help our planet... and you'll likely be happy about the time you spent watching.

That's the power of a good story told well.

So the next time you want your audience to know something about you or what you sell...

... don't forget about the power of storytelling.

P.S. All rights to this spot belong to Apple, I'm just a fan of the work. (Apple, don't sue me.)

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Saw it on someone else's LinkedIn this morning and liked it. So good I watched it again here.

Typed on my MacBook


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