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ADdicted: Coca-Cola's Iconic Bottle

You see the full Coke bottle in the ad above, right? You know, the one that isn't actually in the ad? Don't worry, I see it too. The word "iconic" is thrown around a little too freely these days. I read a job description recently that actually invited candidates to, "come work on an iconic brand"... except the job was at a bread company. Can you name an iconic bread company? Yeah, neither can I.* But Coca-Cola is undeniably iconic, and this out-of-home campaign from Publicis Italy proves it. You are so familiar with the iconic Coke bottle that just two words and a logo make you see it... even when it isn't there. Advertising doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, the very best ads never are.

- dp

* ADDENDUM: After I posted this on LinkedIn, several people replied that "Wonder Bread" was an iconic bread company. Fair enough. In my defence, I grew up in a very Italian household where the only bread we ever had was "panini", and I don't think I had a slice of "Wonder Bread" (or anything like it) until I was well into adulthood.