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ADdicted: COVID Edition

I'm willing to bet you've received a lot of emails from brands over the past two weeks. It feels like every company who has ever obtained your email address wants to tell you what they're doing during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Do companies have the right to insert themselves into the coronavirus conversation?

For most companies, the answer is a resounding no. There really isn't anything most brands should say about a situation that's killed thousands of people around the world and is causing panic, inconvenience, and financial hardship for millions.


Your Prime Minister, Premier, or President have nothing on Nike when it comes to social influence.

When iconic brands speak, people tend to listen. And when a powerful brand can use its influence to encourage people to act responsibly -- which in this case, includes practicing social-distancing to help stop the rapid spread of the virus -- it should.

Below are a few ads I've discovered over the past week that are doing just that.

I absolutely love this Guinness ad, which reimagines its iconic dark-brew-light-head imagery to effectively deliver the "stay home" message. Brilliantly simple, and simply brilliant.