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ADdicted: Durex / Apple

It's been a while since I published an ADdicted feature, mostly because I haven't seen many ads worthy of sharing with you.

But this week I spent some time as a judge for the Effies, helping to decide which marketing campaigns will earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold this year. I can't share any of those amazing campaigns for confidentiality reasons, but it put me in an advertising-judging mood... and I discovered two campaigns this week that I thought were worthy of a share.

The first is the very cheeky (if you'll pardon the wordplay, given the visual on the left) ad below:

Durex is all about protection, so jumping on the "wear a mask" train makes sense for the brand. The visual is striking, the message is timely, and personally, I love when brands take a stand.

My only criticism of this ad? It appears it may not be an original idea, which I discovered only after searching online to see if this was an actual Durex ad or some creative "fan art". I searched Durex's social channels and couldn't find this ad posted, so it might not be legit. Still, it's pretty good.

There are also these related ads I also discovered while on my fact-checking mission:

I like these (admittedly very risque) ads -- and I think they would be a hit with the target audience, which really, is far more important than whether you or I like the ads -- but as a marketer, I love the fact that they appear to be crowd-sourced with proper credit given. You know you have a strong brand when your consumers will do your marketing on your behalf, for free.

And speaking of strong brands, if you haven&#x