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ADdicted: Mint Mobile

Ryan Reynolds might be my favourite marketer. The work he did to promote the Deadpool movies was hilarious, everything he does to support his Aviation Gin brand is genius... when it comes to breaking through, this guy just GETS it!

And as we approach this year's Super Bowl, where brands will spend MILLIONS to produce and air spectacular television commercials, Reynolds decided to promote Mint Mobile (in which he owns a stake) by... running a full-page ad in the New York Times to tell us he's NOT buying a Super Bowl Ad.

Buying a full-page ad in the New York Times was a great publicity stunt, but I'm not sure it was even necessary: I saw this ad when Reynolds posted the two photos below on his Instagram page... where he has 35 million followers!

Between the ad, his Instagram post, and the subsequent media attention that followed, I'm willing to bet this worked out to a very efficient marketing spend, and a great way to get people to consider switching to Mint Mobile. #WinOfTheWeek

- dp


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