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ADdicted: The Vasectomy

Father's Day is fast approaching, and Aviation Gin wants men everywhere to celebrate with a signature drink: "The Vasectomy".

In this ad, Nick Cannon shows us how it's done -- the drink, not the procedure -- and describes how the cocktail is so very similar to the joys of fatherhood.

By the way, if you (like me) had no idea who Nick Cannon was before watching this spot, that's perfectly okay: the humour still works thanks to the ad's punchline. Wait for it...

If this ad looks sort of familiar, it's because this is the second time Aviation Gin has introduced us to a Vasectomy. The spot below was released last year, on June 9, 2021...

... but leave it to Ryan Reynolds to "Pull a Godfather" and make the sequel even better than the original.


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