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Creating Maple Leaf fans...

Remember that time the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup?

Sadly, neither do I... it's literally never happened in my lifetime. But I do remember the time that Maple Leaf won the internet.

According to this CBC article, Jacob wanted a "Maple Leaf" cake for his eighth birthday. But a confused (or possibly very devious) Montreal bakery sent him one topped with the "Maple Leaf Foods" logo. (Insert evil laugh here.)

But instead of taking offence at the kid's reaction to the mix-up, the meat-company decided to turn the kid's frown upside down by offering Jacob and his family tickets to an upcoming Maple Leafs hockey game:

Ironically, the best opportunity to create a brand fan is often how a company handles a mistake. This wasn't Maple Leaf Foods' mistake, but they did a great job turning it into a win anyway.

- dp


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