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Even Better... Job Applications

If you go online to apply for a job at Netflix, you'll see a very simple "application" at the bottom of the job description screen, as pictured below:

You click either "Apply with LinkedIn" or "Upload Your Resume'.

Then provide your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number...

And that's it!

No "Upload your resume"... then type every job you've ever had, including exact start and end dates from jobs you held a decade ago.

No "Answer these fifteen questions about your eligibility, the answers for which are all really apparent from the resume we just asked you to upload."

No "Write a cover letter we're not actually going to read but we require to demonstrate you're truly interested in the role." (If a candidate is applying for the job, it's a good bet they're at least somewhat interested in the role, isn't it? A truly optional "Is there anything else you'd like us to know?" box is a much better use of everybody's time.)

Imagine how many resumes a popular, high-growth company like Netflix must get for each job they post!

And yet, somehow, they can still manage to make the application experience easy for hopeful candidates.

Perhaps a little bit more difficult for the recruiters who need to filter through the thousands of applications... but they choose to take on that burden themselves, rather than make people searching for jobs spend hours upon hours on applications that might go nowhere.

Now, if they can do it... why can't you?

Bonus: notice the name "Sabrina Spellman" that's been pre-filled into the text-input boxes? Sabrina is the title character from "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"... a Netflix Series. A fun Easter Egg in a job application... imagine that!


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