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One Million Views

I did something on Wednesday afternoon that caused me both joy and frustration.

What was it that I did?

I published a few thoughts on LinkedIn about an amazing experience I had with a recruiter.

The joy came from seeing how quickly it went viral... it was the first post I've written that earned over ONE MILLION VIEWS!

And it did that within the first 36 hours of me hitting "Post".

At the time of this writing, the post has 1,093,183 million views. But it's not just the views: the post earned 10,836 engagements, prompted 518 comments and 200 shares, and even resulted in a few personal notes from inspired readers via InMail.

It's been viewed by an astounding 34,383 recruiters around the world... which is definitely great news when you're open to chatting about great full-time senior leadership roles.

It gained me almost 2,000 followers in a day, prompted over 9,000 people to take a look at my LinkedIn profile yesterday, and this morning I have to address 255 new connection requests.

All of this caused me joy!

So where does the frustration come in?

I'm frustrated all of these amazing stats came from a post where I was describing an amazing recruitment experience...

... and for the most part, people couldn't BELIEVE that an interview experience could be so positive.

Because so many of their own interview experiences have generally been anything but.

Amazing, candidate-focused recruitment experiences like the one I described shouldn't be the exception, they should be the rule.

And I'd rather have posts describing an amazing interview experience be met with a "Yeah, so what? That's what always happens!" instead of a "Wow, that's unbelievable... I've never experienced anything close to that!"

Don't get me wrong: I'd certainly love to earn another million+ views on a future post.

But the next time it happens, I hope it isn't to celebrate an extraordinary occurrence that should actually be happening all the time.


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