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Target Your Message

"Get DOUBLE the protein FREE"

A promotional poster for Mucho Burrito restaurant with a headline that reads "Get Double the protein for FREE".

I saw this poster at my gym last week, tacked to the wall next to the dumbbell stand.

In most cases, "Get DOUBLE the protein FREE" is a strange way for a restaurant to communicate they're going to give you more meat in your meal at no extra charge.

But on a poster, in a gym, surrounded by people trying to build muscle?

"Protein" resonates perfectly.

That audience would consume above-average amounts of protein, knowing that high amounts of protein are critical for muscle growth.

They'd also know protein tends to be very expensive.

So an offer to double the protein in a meal at no extra charge would be incredibly appealing.

Would this audience know that meat is a great source of protein? Absolutely.

But in this situation, for this audience, "protein" was the better word choice.

Want your audience to pay attention to your message?

Then target your message to your audience.

The odds of this creative winning any advertising awards at Cannes is, well, zero.

The odds of it increasing sales for this particular Mucho Burrito location?*

Those are much, much better.


P.S. The Mucho Burrito offer is only valid for the location in Bradford and it's exclusive to people holding a valid RebelFit 24/7 gym membership. So this promotion is not only a great example of using the right messaging for your audience... it's also a great example of a strategic partnership that offers a benefit to both partners AND to the consumer.

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